Earn $$ for Referring a Friend

Share the power of easy lease and location management. Invite a friend to Leasecake and get money back!

It's our little way of saying thanks for sharing the Leasecake love.

*Subject to terms and conditions agreement

How It Works

Invite Your Friend

Complete the form with your contact info and theirs so we can schedule a demo. At that point, your job is done!

They Become a Customer

Your friend becomes a Leasecake customer within 90 days of their contact information being submitted. 

You Get Rewarded

Congratulations! You will receive a credit off your next Leasecake annual invoice, up to 5% of the referred sale price*. Keep referring to earn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if another Leasecake customer also refers my friend or contact?

Only the first referrer is eligible for the commission if Leasecake receives the same lead from multiple sources.

How many referrals may I make to Leasecake?

There’s no limit! Make as many referrals as you like.

Do referrals expire?

Your referral must convert from a lead to a Leasecake customer within 90 days.

When will I get paid?

After your referral becomes a Leasecake customer and pays their first invoice.

Is this program retroactive to referrals I made in the past?

Sorry, but only referrals received by Leasecake after September 1, 2023, are eligible for the offer.